Editing Widgets
Editing Widgets

Editing Widgets

To edit the widgets in your current page, you will first have to enter the Widget Edit Mode, by clicking the Wiget Edit Mode button from the Sidebar. Once you enter Widget Edit Mode, each widget will display a three-dot icon on the top right corner and a drag icon on the left corner. You can also enter the widget edit mode by right-clicking on an empty area of your page and clicking the "Enter Edit Mode" button.

To open the widget options, click the three-dots icon and you will be able to open their settings, remove them, duplicate them, or move them to another page. You can click and hold the drag icon and move your mouse around to position them anywhere on the page.

Once you are in Widget Eidt mode, you can also click and drag your mouse to select widgets. Once you select multiple widgets, you will be able to reposition them with your arrow keys. You can also remove them, duplicate them, or move them to another page from the widget options panel at the top of the page.


Adding New Widgets

To Add New widgets, simply click the Add Widget button from the Sidebar, and click on the widget you want to insert into your page. SuperStart has 15 awesome widgets:

  1. Bookmarks Widget: Add your favorite site links to quickly access them anytime you want.
  2. Weather Widget: Get real-time Weather updates with a 7-day forecast and hourly forecast.
  3. Clock Widget: Add World clocks to your Start page and style them any way you want.
  4. Search Widget: Add Google, DuckduckGo, Quora, Linkedin, and Bing Search bars.
  5. Todos Widget: Quickly add to-do items to improve your productivity and fix procrastination.
  6. Notes Widget: Quickly jot down thoughts, links, or copied text that you can use whenever.
  7. RSS Widget: Stay updated with News from your favorite news websites with RSS feeds.
  8. Reddit Widget: Keep track of your favorite subreddits without visiting Reddit every few hours.
  9. Embed Widget: Embed any HTML or code from any website you want.
  10. Calendar Widget: Convenient Calendar widget for easily discerning the day for any given date.
  11. System Status Widget: Get real-time stats of your computer's CPU and memory Usage.
  12. Recently Closed Widget: View all the Recently Closed Widgets and restore them whenever you want.
  13. Stock/Crypto Widget: Get real-time updates on your favorite stock symbols and cryptocurrencies.
  14. Photo Widget: Personalize your start page by Adding your favorite Photos.
  15. Quotes Widget: Get motivating quotes from Writers & philosophers to stay motivated.

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