Thank You for Purchasing SuperStart PRO

Now Follow these Steps to get started
01. Check Your Email

You should get 2 emails from us within 1 minute (otherwise contact us). The emails will be sent to the email that you used to make the purchase. The first one is an email with instructions and a license key and the second one will ask you to reset your account password in order to manage your license key in the future.

02. Activate your License

Once you have the license key, go to your SuperStart Chrome Extension page, click the App Settings menu from the sidebar, and then click the “PRO” tab. Then insert your License key and click the Activate License button to activate SuperStart PRO. Finally, refresh the page.

03. Manage Account & License

To manage your account and license key, you need to log in to our website. When you purchased SuperStart PRO, an account was automatically created with your purchase email address. You should receive an email to your inbox which will let you reset your password. Click the link to reset the password and log in to our website. Once you log in, you will redirected to our Dashboard page, where you can manage your license key and account info.

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