Setting up the Stock Widget

With Brave PRO you are able to add stock/crypto widgets and get real-time updates of your favorite stocks and cryptos. However, unlike other widgets, it requires a simple setup to be done once. First, create a free account on Twelvedata and then copy your API key from the API keys page. Once you have copied … Read more

Accessing the PRO Features

Widgets You can access the PRO widgets: Stocky/Crypto Widget, Notes Widget, and the System Status Widget from the Add Widget section. Presets You can access the 50+ pro presets from the Import Presets section. They will be also available in the New page creation modal. Widget Frames You can access the new widget frames by … Read more

Importing Cloud Synced Data

If you have been using SuperStart RPO for a while but reinstalled the extension or Chrome browser or for some reason lost your settings, you can import your last previous settings from our cloud server. To import your last saved settings from the cloud, on a freshly installed Superstart extension, click the “Import My Settings … Read more

Upgrading to PRO

Once you have purchased the PRO version, you will automatically receive an email that will contain your PRO license. You can also access the License from the Dashboard Page. Copy the license key, go to the Supertart Start page, click the App Settings button from the sidebar, and then click the “PRO” tab. Finally, insert … Read more

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